Learn Through Play

Doing this ALL year round will allow your kids to Learn Through Play

Written by: SuperMommy for theAsianparent

We want to nurture aspirations in our kids from a young age, but how are we able to do this? With our busy workdays and the kids’ structured school and activity schedule, when do we have the time to do so?

Most kids in Singapore have multiple enrichment classes lined up (mine included), however it is important to incorporate some form of entertainment into learning. That is why my boys and I often find ourselves at KidZania Singapore on a free afternoon after school!

Most of us would have already been to KidZania Singapore, and if you have not, you definitely need to check it out. Or even if you have, it is never too much to visit again! We all know it is a super fun place for kids, but one thing we might not realise is the true “Edutainment” (education + entertainment) value that KidZania offers.