What Is KidZania?


KidZania Singapore is an inclusive environment for all kids to experience role-play in our unique City. In addition to wide passageways and service lifts, a majority of our role-play activities have been designed to be accessible to all kids.

Our  Zupervisors stationed at each establishment will be able to assist guests on the suitability of each role-play activity, with more information available on the Census Board at the entrance to each establishment.

For more information or enquiries, please email share@kidzania.com.sg.

Wheelchair Access and Easy Access to All
KidZania Singapore has been designed to be wheelchair-friendly, with wide passageways, service lifts and clear directional boards for easy access throughout the City.

Hearing Impairment
Kids would find it easy to follow their chosen role-play with read-a-long placards available at most establishments, which would guide them as they embark on their chosen profession.

Visual Impairment
Service Animals (Registered Dogs only) are welcome around the streets and common areas of KidZania Singapore, provided that it is (a) kept under proper control and under leash, (b) restrained from straying or causing annoyance or nuisance to any person or animal, or damage to any property, and (c) has a proper certification that must be produced prior to their entry into the City. However, for the health and safety of our kids and guide dogs, guide dogs are not permitted in all role-play establishments.

Parental Assistance
A guardian or parent will be allowed to accompany their kid(s) with special needs and assist them in doing the role-play activities, upon request.

Accessible Restrooms
KidZania Singapore is equipped with accessible restrooms that are marked with a wheelchair sign on its doors.