Child Annual Pass Terms & Conditions


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These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) set out all the terms and conditions in relation to the child annual pass (“AP”) for admission to KidZania Singapore.


3.1 The AP can be purchased by parent/legal guardian (must be 18 years old and above) available only through walk-in purchase at our ticketing counter in KidZania Singapore.

3.2 Upon purchase, the AP must be registered and activated, within 90 days from the date of purchase, at the PaZZport Office, located on the Mezzanine Floor of KidZania Singapore.

3.3 AP is only available for children aged between 3 and 17 (both ages included), and is valid for 12 months from the date of registration.

3.4 Parent/legal guardian will be required to fill up a registration form or pre-register online here whereby he/she has to provide the following information:

3.4.1 The first name and surname of the child (“AP Holder”);
3.4.2 The date of birth of the AP Holder;
3.4.3 The first name and surname of the parent/legal guardian of the AP Holder (“Parent/Guardian”);
3.4.4 The telephone number of the Parent/Guardian;
3.4.5 The email address of the Parent/Guardian; and
3.4.6 The residential address of the Parent/Guardian.

3.5 A photograph of the AP Holder will be taken at KidZania Singapore for the issuance of the AP.

3.6 AP is non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and void if altered, and non-refundable.


4.1 AP shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the AP Holder’s first admission to KidZania Singapore (“Validity Period”), up to and including the “valid until” date which is printed on the AP when issued.

4.2 Upon purchase of an AP, the AP Holder gets to enjoy the following benefits:

4.2.1 Unlimited day admission to KidZania Singapore and enjoyment of all activities inside KidZania Singapore (excluding those requiring separate payment, if any), subject to the operation calendar of KidZania Singapore, capacity of KidZania Singapore (whereby RRPL has the right to deny admission if the park capacity is full) and any applicable exclusion dates. The exclusion dates include days designated as Park Closures, Maintenance days, Park Buyouts, night events, and any other day(s) designated as such by the management of KidZania Singapore.

4.2.2 S$100 discount on Birthday Party Package, use for the AP Holder’s own birthday party only;

4.2.3 If the AP Holder is a B•KidZanian CitiZen, AP discount can be used in conjunction with the existing discounts for B•KidZanian CitiZens (Naturalised CitiZen will be entitled to 15% off, Distinguished CitiZens will be entitled to 20% off, and Honourable CitiZens will be entitled to 25% off) on regular priced merchandise at the KidZania Shops in KidZania Singapore. If the AP Holder is not a B•KidZanian CitiZen, a flat rate of 10% discount on the regular priced merchandise at the KidZania Shops in KidZania Singapore;

4.2.4 Purchase digital photo copies at S$10 and receive one (1) exclusive hard copy (A5 Photo without Leatherette, Photo Keychain, Photo Magnet or Establishment Card) from the Photo Booth in KidZania Singapore;

4.2.5 10% discount on selected food and beverage sold at the following F&B outlets at KidZania Singapore:

KFC Pizza Hut Restaurant Parents Lounge

4.2.6 25% discount on up to six admission tickets to other selected attractions under Themed Attractions Resorts Hotels Sdn Bhd. This discount is applicable to same-day walk-in purchase only. The AP Holder must be present on the day of purchase and use of the discounted tickets.

4.2.7 Both the referral and applicant must be present at the PaZZport Office to receive the extra 50 kidZos for every successful referral and applicant who purchases the AP; and

4.2.8 Discounted admission tickets to KidZania Singapore per the following table (applicable upon successful payment for the Annual Pass):

Ticket Type Walk-in Price (SGD) AP Holder’s Price (SGD) Discount %
Kid $62.00 $49.60 20%
Adult $35.00 $17.50 50%
Senior  $25.00 $20.00 20% These discounted tickets allow the AP Holder’s to bring guests into KidZania Singapore only on the day of the AP Holder’s visit, and is not valid for any special or night events, or designated as such by the management of KidZania Singapore. Each AP Holder can only purchase a maximum of 4 discounted tickets per transaction per visit date. Purchase can only be done onsite at KidZania Singapore Ticketing Counters. The AP Holder must be present on the day of purchase and use of the discounted tickets.

4.3 The price of the AP is in Singapore Dollars and includes prevailing Goods and Services Tax. RRPL reserves the right to adjust the price of the AP from time to time, without prior notice.

4.4 AP can only be used when the original and valid AP is physically presented by the AP Holder himself/herself, which shall be subject to verification by KidZania Singapore staff. Only original and valid AP will be accepted at KidZania Singapore and RRPL reserves the right to deny admission to any person trying to use an AP which is not original, or valid, or RRPL at its absolute discretion has reasonable reason not to allow such person’s admission, without offering any compensation to that person. For the avoidance of doubt, AP sharing is not allowed and strictly prohibited.

4.5 Without prejudice to para 4.4 above, any failure to present an original and valid AP (due to it having been stolen, lost, forgotten or whatever reason) will result in RRPL charging the normal admission rate for the AP Holder and his/her guests’ admission, which amount will not be refundable.

4.6 AP remains the property of KidZania Singapore and can be withdrawn or cancelled at any time.

4.7 AP Holder shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the AP is kept secured, and shall inform us at if the AP is lost, stolen or damaged. An administration fee of $10.70 (GST incl.) will be charged for the re-issuance of new AP for each lost, stolen or damaged AP.

4.8 AP will be withdrawn or cancelled without refund or compensation:

4.8.1 If the AP Holder fails to comply with any of KidZania Singapore’s rules and applicable laws, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behaviour, or if RRPL (at its absolute discretion) considers that the circumstances so require; and

4.8.2 For the use or attempted use of the AP in breach of these Terms.


5.1 Please check our website at for details of KidZania Singapore’s opening dates and hours before any visit.

5.2 Opening dates and hours of all or part of KidZania Singapore are subject to change without prior notice and for any reason. The full value or any part of the value of the AP will not be refunded nor will any compensation be payable in the event (i) that opening dates or hours of all or part of KidZania Singapore are changed; or (ii) of non-admission due to full park capacity or on exclusion dates.

5.3 The AP does not guarantee entry to Sentosa Island, where separate admission fee would have to be paid.

5.4 Other KidZania Singapore terms and conditions shall apply, which are available at


The AP does not entitle the AP Holder to:

6.1 Fast-track access to any of the establishments in KidZania Singapore (‘establishments’ being the specific areas within KidZania Singapore where children can take part in role-play activities);

6.2 Entry to KidZania Singapore outside of its normal opening hours, as published on its website;

6.3 Entry to KidZania Singapore on more than one occasion per day;

6.4 Entry to any special or night events organised by or held at KidZania Singapore;

6.5 Entry to any other KidZania outlet located outside of the Republic of Singapore; and

6.6 Any discount on other private parties, photography and video recording services