CongreZZ Terms & Conditions

1. About KidZania CongreZZ Singapore
KidZania CongreZZ is the legislative body of the KidZania Singapore, overseen by up to 20 kids aged 7 to 12 years, who are elected by fellow citiZens and members of the public. Voted into office for a term of one year (12 months), CongreZZ Kids will come together regularly to share ideas, and discuss important topics that concern citiZens and tourists of KidZania Singapore. They will also participate in exclusive activities and projects at KidZania Singapore.

KidZania CongreZZ Singapore is a programme organised by Rakan Riang Pte Ltd (UEN: 201022374H) (“RRPL”), the authorised licensee of KidZania, SA de CV and KidZania de Mexico, SAPI de CV, to operate KidZania Singapore. It is not in any way funded, sponsored, administered or endorsed by, or formally associated with, any social media provider through which it is run.

2. Benefits

Each CongreZZ Kid is entitled to:

(a) Exclusive KidZania Singapore gifts, upon inauguration.
(b) Invites to events and special activities.
(c) A KidZania Singapore Annual Pass, and a certificate in recognition of achieving a minimum of 70% attendance for organised meetings and/or events (which is at least 4 meetings and/or events) within the one-year tenure as a CongreZZ Kid.

3. Selection Process

(a) Eligibility

(i) The applicant must be a B•KidZanian CitiZen or a KidZania Singapore Annual Pass Holder, aged 7 to 12 years old.

(b) Application

(i) The applicant must submit a photo or video of himself/herself to KidZania Singapore’s Facebook page via Private Message or email to A parent or legal guardian’s contact email and contact number must be included as well.
(ii) If a photo is submitted, the applicant must include a short write-up on the applicant telling us why the applicant wants to be a part of KidZania CongreZZ, and how the applicant can make a different to the KidZania experience
(iii) If a video is submitted, the video must contain a short introduction of the applicant telling us why the applicant wants to be part of KidZania CongreZZ, and how the applicant can make a difference to the KidZania experience.
(iv) Application will close on 22 March 2020, 11:59pm.

(c) Shortlisted Candidates

(i) The parent or legal guardian of the shortlisted candidate will be contacted via the stated contact email if the CongreZZ applicant has been selected for KidZania CongreZZ (i) The parent or legal guardian of shortlisted candidates will be notified via the stated contact email and photos/videos of shortlisted candidates will be published on KidZania Singapore’s Facebook page for public voting.

(d) KidZania CongreZZ Inauguration Ceremony 2020 (“Inauguration Day”)
(i) The Inauguration Day will be finalised at a later date.
(ii) Up to 20 CongreZZ KidZ and one accompanying parent or legal guardian will be invited to KidZania Singapore on the Inauguration Day.
(iii) Up to 20 CongreZZ kidZ will be announced and inaugurated to KidZania CongreZZ for KidZania Singapore, for a term of one year.

4. Other Terms and Conditions

(a) Participation

(i) Upon application, the applicant and his/her parent/legal guardian acting on his/her behalf are deemed to have agreed to all KidZania CongreZZ Singapore terms and conditions, and the privacy policy accessible at, as may be updated from time to time (collectively, “these T&C”).
(ii) Parents/legal guardians acting on behalf of the applicant in respect of KidZania CongreZZ Singapore hereby represent having agreed to these T&C applying to such applicant and having the authority to so agree, and hereby indemnify RRPL against any claim by the applicant or his/her parent/legal guardian arising from such representations being false.
(iii) The applicant and his/her parents/legal guardians will:

(a) provide RRPL with any further information that RRPL may require to confirm the applicant’s eligibility for KidZania CongreZZ Singapore;
(b) not make any statement about KidZania CongreZZ Singapore to the media without RRPL’s prior written approval; and
(c) not initiate or join any initiative to restrain or interfere with KidZania CongreZZ Singapore, including any form of campaign (whether or not online) or the seeking of any injunctive relief.

(iv) These T&C are to be interpreted according to, and are governed under, Singapore law.

(b) Eligibility

(i) Application for KidZania CongreZZ Singapore is open to all kids born in the year 2008 to 2013 (aged 7 to 12 years old in 2020) and residing in Singapore throughout the KidZania CongreZZ Singapore tenure (not restricted to Singaporean citizens).
(ii) The applicant must be a B•KidZanian citiZen or an Annual Pass holder.
(iii) Anyone who is the child or immediate family of an employee or intern of Rakan Riang Pte Ltd or its related corporations (as defined in Section 4(1) of the Companies Act (Chapter 50)), is not eligible, where declaration must be made during the application.
(iv) These T&C are to be interpreted according to, and are governed under, Singapore law.

(c) Disqualification

(i) RRPL may disqualify or remove any application, submission or video of the applicant which, in RRPL’s sole opinion, infringes others’ rights (including those on intellectual property and privacy) or are defamatory, violent, illegal or otherwise not suitable to the KidZania Singapore’s image.
(ii) Any application that is late, illegible, incomplete or do not comply with these T&C are invalid.
(iii) If the parents/legal guardians of the shortlisted candidates or the respective applicant cannot be reached at the submitted contact details or does not abide by these T&C (including not being available as required), the respective applicant will be disqualified.
(iv) RRPL may disqualify the applicant’s participation if it comes to RRPL’s knowledge that parents/legal guardians of the applicant:

(a) conduct campaign at KidZania Singapore’s without the applicant;
(b) cause public discomfort to KidZania Singapore’s visitors during the Inauguration Day.

(d) Participation

(i) CongreZZ Kids must be committed to attend CongreZZ-designated meetings which are most likely to be held during the Singapore school holiday period or weekends at KidZania Singapore and/or partner venues. Attendance at these meetings are compulsory.
(ii) From time to time, CongreZZ Kids will also be invited to selected events involving KidZania Singapore and/or its industry partners. Attendance at these events are not compulsory but highly recommended.
(iii) RRPL reserves the right to use the names, biodata, videos and photographs of the applicant, either by itself or through its contractors, for the purposes of publicity and advertising of KidZania Singapore, without prior notice or compensation.
(v) Each applicant shall abide by all instructions issued by RRPL relating to KidZania CongreZZ Singapore. The applicant and his/her parents/legal guardians may be required to sign authorisation forms to be issued by RRPL.

(e) Others

(i) RRPL’s decisions in respect of any aspect of KidZania CongreZZ Singapore shall be at its sole discretion, final and conclusive. No communication in that respect will be entertained.
(ii) RRPL reserves the right to, without prior notice or compensation to the applicant and his/her parents/legal guardians:

– cancel or reschedule any part of the selection process (including deadlines) or hold additional rounds on such dates and places as it may determine;
– replace the benefits listed in Paragraph 2 above with an offer of at least equivalent cost to RRPL; or
– cancel, suspend or amend these T&C or any aspect of KidZania CongreZZ Singapore.

(iii) RRPL is not responsible to the applicant over any statement by other parties regarding KidZania CongreZZ Singapore. The applicant will neither construe any such statement as RRPL’s promise nor rely on any such statement in the applicant’s participation in the KidZania CongreZZ Singapore or applicant’s receipt of the benefits listed in Paragraph 2 above.
(iv) The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any part of these T&C shall not impair the full effect of the rest of these T&C