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What is KidZania?

KidZania Singapore is a realistic indoor city for kids aged 4-17, complete with kids-sized buildings, streets, moving vehicles and even a currency of its own: kidZos. It offers a unique platform for kids to be empowered to make their own decisions, and to live out their aspirations through realistic role-playing.

Ticketing and Admission

Why should I purchase tickets online?

We highly recommend to book your tickets online and in advance to guarantee your visit on the date of your choice. Non-guaranteed walk-in tickets may also be purchased over KidZania Singapore ticket counters on the day of your visit, subject to limited availability.

Will KidZania Singapore be open if it is raining?

KidZania Singapore is an indoor city for kids and families to enjoy the KidZania experience regardless of the weather. It is just a sheltered 5-minute walk from the Beach Station.

What is the dress code?

Kids and families are advised to wear comfortable clothes and bring a light jacket as the city is air-conditioned. Admission into KidZania Singapore may be denied if clothing are deemed to be inappropriate, offensive, harmful or disruptive.

Can I bring my pet to the park?

Pets are not allowed in the City for the convenience of the visitors in the city, and to ensure a safe and clean environment for all.


How can we reach KidZania Singapore?

KidZania Singapore is a convenient 5-minute walk via a covered walkway from Sentosa’s Beach Station, which is home to the Sentosa Express and a 650 covered-lot car park. More information can be found here.

KidZania Experience

How long is the KidZania experience?

Kids and families are advised to allocate a minimum of 3 hours, and optimally 5 hours to experience the wide range of role-play activities that are available at KidZania Singapore, subject to the respective waiting times for each establishment.

What is available for adults to do at KidZania Singapore?

Adults are welcomed to participate in selected role-play activities, such as playing an airline passenger at the Aviation Academy,  a tourist on the travel coach, or as an audience in the Theatre. For most role-play activities, adults are able to observe kids through the glass windows or doors, and ensure that their kids are present at all time. Alternatively, adults can also choose to take part in workshops or rest at the Parents Lounge.

Dining at KidZania Singapore

What are the dining options at KidZania Singapore?

A variety of dining options are available for guests in the city of KidZania Singapore, including vegetarian and halal options.

Is KidZania Singapore able to accommodate to food allergies and other intolerances?

Ingredients used during role-play activities will be made known before the start of each activity. We suggest kids with known allergies to highlight them at the start of each activity. For F&B outlets, guests are welcomed to speak to our Duty Manager to enquire more on food preparation and ingredients used.

Can I bring my own food?

To ensure food hygiene and safety, food brought from outside of KidZania Singapore are not allowed in the city, with the exception of bottled water, baby food or formula, and any food required for medical purposes.

Security and Accessibility

Can kids enter KidZania Singapore on their own?

An adult (18+) must be present for the admission of any kid into KidZania Singapore. Kids below the age of 8 must be accompanied by the same adult at all times when inside the city, and we recommend that one adult may supervise up to 5 kids. The accompanying adult is the only person authorized to leave KidZania Singapore with the kid.

Can adults enter KidZania Singapore without kids?

KidZania cities are created for kids and run by kids, for them to explore life’s experiences within a safe, fun and interactive environment. Kids rule at KidZania and as such, adults are not allowed to enter KidZania Singapore unaccompanied with children.

Are re-entries allowed into KidZania Singapore?

Temporary exits from the city are not allowed with the exception of an urgent need, which will be assessed and handled by the Duty Manager.

Can I take a stroller around with me?

The city of KidZania Singapore is stroller friendly, with wide paths and service lifts for easy access throughout the city.

Can KidZania Singapore accommodate kids with special needs?

KidZania Singapore is an inclusive environment which aims to meet the needs of all kids. A majority of our activities have been designed to be practical and accessible, and our Leads and Zupervisors have been trained to assist. For more information, please visit our Accessibility page, or drop us an email at and discuss with us any concerns you may have before making your booking.

Do you accept foreign currency?

KidZania Singapore only accepts kidZos, Singapore Dollars and major credit cards.

Do you have a storage area for our belongings?

Lockers of various sizes are available for rent near KidZania Singapore’s airport counters.

Birthday Party Package Details

What and how much are your birthday party packages?

We have two types of birthday packages – Kool KidZ Party (Basic Package) at S$1,388.00 nett and the Zuper KidZ Party (Premium Package) at S$2,388.00 nett.

What is included in the birthday party packages?

Both packages include function room usage, party host, name stickers for kids, admission to KidZania Singapore, meals, e-invites, party decorations, and a birthday cake for 15 kids if you select the Zuper KidZ Package. As a gift from us, the birthday celebrant would receive 100 KidZos instead of the regular 50 KidZos.  More details are available on our Birthday Brochure at here.

What do I have to do to secure the booking?

Please email with your selected package, preferred dates, birthday celebrant name, date of birth and your contact details.

Are there any hidden charges?

The package price includes all the listed items in the birthday party brochure. Add-ons are available at prevailing charges for addition of guests and/or any other requirements which are not listed in the package.

What ages are the parties best catered for?

Our party packages are best suited for kids aged 4 and above, which is in line with the recommended age for our role-play activities.  Selected activities are also available for toddlers aged 2 to 3 years old.

Can parents participate in the role play with the children? (If not what can the parents do?)

Parents can join in the fun and role-play with their kids at the Coach Station, Stadium and Theatre. At most establishments however, parents are advised to allow their children the freedom and confidence to learn on their own, and observe their children from outside the establishment. Alternatively, parents can rest at the adults-only Parents’ Lounge.

Is the ticket admission component of the package valid for the whole day?

Yes, our packages include full-day admission to KidZania Singapore for all party guests. However, party room usage is limited to the selected timeslot.

What time can I enter the function room?

The usage of our function rooms is limited to a fixed schedule depending on your selected timeslot.

If it rains, will the party be affected?

KidZania Singapore is a fully air-conditioned indoor theme park that allows kids and families to enjoy the KidZania experience rain or shine, and is a 5-minute walk via a covered walkway from Sentosa’s Beach Station.

Are party packs included? Can I bring my own party packs?

Each kid under The Zuper KidZ Party would receive an exclusive gift from KidZania Singapore for up to 15 kids. Party packs can also be purchased as an add-on for our Kool KidZ Party package. If you wish to bring your own party packs and props, please inform us in advance.

Can I bring my own entertainer?

Please email to enquire with us.


Can I bring my own party decorations?

All decorations are subjected to approval in accordance to our company guidelines and with respect to our industry partners.  Please email to with your requests, and we will work with you on the decoration ideas.

What type of decorations are included in the packages?

Balloons and birthday banner will be provided.

Food & Beverage

Can I bring my own F&B?

To ensure food hygiene and safety, food purchased outside of KidZania Singapore are not allowed in KidZania Singapore. Guests can take their pick from the wide range of Food and Beverage options found in the city of KidZania Singapore.

How do I place my menu orders? When do I need to confirm the orders?

Menu selections can be completed via the booking form and it is to be emailed to 1 month prior to the party date.

Can I take out the food after the celebration?

According to National Environment Agency (NEA) guidelines, take outs are not permitted for catered food.


How do I pay? Is there any deposit required?

Full payment is required at least two weeks prior to the party date, via cash, credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

If actual turnout of guests is less than what we had pay, would we be refunded?

Once bookings are confirmed, we would not be able to process any refunds.


Is Sentosa Island Admission included in the packages?

Island admission is excluded from our Birthday Party packages, and must be purchased separately. Please refer to here for more information.

Do you have sufficient parking space for my guests?

The 650-lot Beach Station Carpark is a 5-minutes’ walk to KidZania Singapore via a covered walkway.


What is the age range for KidZania Singapore?

All students aged 4 and above can enjoy a variety of realistic role-play activities at appropriate skill levels and from a wide range of industries.

How will KidZania benefit my students?

KidZania Singapore offers a unique platform for teachers to complement their teaching, by providing an out-of-classroom learning environment along with the benefits of realistic role-play. Kids are empowered to make independent decisions and attain valuable life skills such as financial literacy, social interaction, problem solving and responsibility for the environment, while gaining greater respect for the different professions of the world.

School Booking

Why should schools make a reservation with KidZania Singapore?

Reservations are highly recommend to guarantee your school’s visit on the date and time of your choice, and must be made at least 1 month in advance. Attractive school rates will also be offered to local school groups of 20 or more paying guests (students, teachers and guardians inclusive).

Admission and Exit

What is the recommended duration for school visits?

We recommend that schools allocate at least 3 hours for students to optimize their experience at KidZania Singapore.

What is the entry process for school groups?

Upon your school’s arrival at KidZania Singapore, a KidZania team member will distribute a security bracelet to each student. All security bracelets belonging to the students will be linked to their supervising adult, and will sound an alert to our security team should any student leave the city independently without their supervising adult.

Can we proceed to KidZania Singapore as planned if it rains on our date of visit?

KidZania Singapore is an indoor kids’ theme park that allows students to benefit from the KidZania experience regardless of the weather, and is linked to the coach park via a covered walkway.

Adult Supervision

Can teachers take part in the role-play activities?

Teachers and guardians are welcomed to participate in selected role-play activities, such as playing an airline passenger at the Aviation Academy, or a tourist on the travel coach. For most role-play activities, teachers are able to observe kids through the glass windows or doors, and ensure that their students are present at all time.

Can teachers leave while their students are inside?

For security reasons, KidZania Singapore requires all supervising adults, school teachers and guardians alike, to remain with the students for the entire duration of the visit.


Do you provide catered meals to school groups?

We have worked together with our Food and Beverage Industry Partners to create a variety of bento boxes for your selection.

Special Needs

Do you provide catered meals to school groups?

We have worked together with our Food and Beverage Industry Partners to create a variety of bento boxes for your selection.


Corporate Social Responsibility

KidZania recognizes that it is responsible for the community it operates in, and the importance of being an environment steward to lead and encourage kids to imagine, create and unite for a Greener World.

Kids for Greener World

Kids for a Greener World is a global event across multiple KidZania cities that empowers kids from around the world, and unites their best ideas towards creating a greener and better future for our world.

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Platinum Green-Mark Award 2014

KidZania Singapore is the first KidZania city to be housed within a Family Education Centre. Located on the island of Sentosa, the BCA Platinum Green-Mark Family Entertainment Centre with its expansive green roof (51% of total roof area) and excellent energy and water efficiency allows us to operate more sustainably with our environment.

The Community

Beyond the preservation of our natural environment, a big part of our Greener World initiative is the communities which we interact with. As part of our plans to give back to the local community, KidZania Singapore will work together with Singapore Children’s Society on various platforms including their signature Walk for Children event, to bring relief and happiness to kids in need.

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