What Is KidZania?

For Kids aged 3 years and above:

Arts Academy


Take the stage and be a Star! Train to be a Performer by taking lessons and showcasing your newly-acquired skills to family and friends with a performance in the Theatre.

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Art Studio


Use various drawing materials such as colour pencils, oil pastels and ink pad to decorate and customise your very own postcard.

Parents Welcome: As a Customer

Giveaway for Kids: One Postcard

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Aviation Academy

First Officer – Pilot, Cabin Crew

Get a rare opportunity to be inside a cockpit and have a taste of what it feels like to operate an aircraft! Work in the sky as you flash your brightest smile and serve the passengers on board the flight as an esteemed Cabin Crew!

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Each kid can choose to be a First Officer or Cabin Crew only once per visit

Parents Welcome: As a Cabin Passenger (For Cabin Crew activity)

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Bank and Vault

Cash Officer

Activate your Debit Card anytime during the City’s operating hours at the Bank.

At the Vault, be a Cash Officer and work as a team to prepare, deliver and protect the CitiZens’ money to ensure they reach their destinations safely!

Parents Welcome: As a Cash Officer (For Vault activity)

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Chicken Restaurant


Learn the steps to maintain food hygiene and assemble your very own delicious, finger lickin’ good burger. Enjoy it yourself thereafter, or share it with your loved ones.

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

Giveaway for Kids: Chicken Burger

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Chiropractic Clinic

Assistant Chiropractor

Conduct chiropractic checks while learning the importance of having good body postures!

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City Clock


Get in the groove and wow the crowd by putting on an unforgettable dance routine during the hourly City Clock performance.

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City Parade


Get loud and parade around the City together with the other performers, and bring everybody’s spirits up! This is one performance which you won’t be faulted for being loud!

Parents Welcome: As a Performer

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Climbing Building


Conquer your fears and scale the heights of the climbing wall! Challenge yourself and hit that buzzer at the end of your climb!

Pre-requisite: Personal Accident Plan (Insurance Office)

Safety Requirements: Kids must be in proper attire and covered shoes

Minimum Height Requirement: Kids must be at least 120cm tall

PleeZ note that the usual role-play activity will not be available at the Climbing Building until 31 December 2019.

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Convenience Store

Junior Cashier, Store Assistant, Customer

Role play three roles in one place! Learn how to manage a shop and ensure your store is always well stocked to keep the customers happy! Or engage in retail therapy and shop to your heart’s content with your shopping list.

Parents Welcome: As a Customer

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Courier Service


Safeguard the package to make sure it gets to the customers on time, and in its original state! Can you do it through the labyrinth of little streets in the city of KidZania Singapore? The challenge is yours!

Parents Welcome: As a Courier

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Crime Scene Investigator

Do you have what it takes to crack the case? Be a Crime Scene Investigator and keep your eyes peeled for clues and hints that have been spread across the city. The CitiZens are counting on you!

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Dental Clinic

Junior Dentist

Learn about the basics of oral hygiene and assist in conducting a dental surgery to remove the source of pain that is hurting our patient.

Giveaway for Kids: Toothbrush, Mini Toothpaste or Mini Mouthwash (kids can choose any one item)

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Department Store


What’s work with no play? Reward yourself for your hard work and shop till you drop with your kidZos at the Department Store! Find the best buys and the coolest knick knacks which money cannot buy. Only kidZos are accepted here.

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Driving School

Trainee Driver

Apply for a driving licence by familiarising yourself with the road signs and rules! Remember to drive responsibly and obey the traffic rules in order to pass the final test.

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Trainee Driver: 6 years old

Minimum Height Requirement: Kids must be at least 120cm tall

Giveaway for Kids: Driver’s Licence

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Driving Street


Put your newly acquired driving skills to use at our driving circuit, and get yourself around the circuit in a safe and responsible manner. Most importantly, remember to visit the petrol station before you run flat!

Pre-requisite: Driving Licence (Driving School)

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Driver: 6 years old

Minimum Height Requirement: Kids must be at least 120cm tall

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Eco-Flooring Design Studio

Eco-Flooring Design Studio

Eco-Flooring Design Consultant

Be an Eco-Flooring Design Consultant and instantly transform a house by laying different types of Eco-Floor & Eco-Wall tiles. Add finishing touches to the counter top and be proud of your own interior design creation!

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Film Studio

Host, Video Editor

Get the chance to be the host of your own video! Edit your video, add music and effects, and bring your video home to share with your family and friends!

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Host or Video Editor: 7 years old

Giveaway for Kids: Their very own Documentary video

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Fire Station

Fire Fighter

The fire is threatening to burn down the hotel. Put on your uniforms, hop on the big red fire engine and get ready to put out the inferno!

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

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Healthy Food Centre

Culinary Student

Enrol in a cooking class and discover how you can maintain a healthy and balanced diet by preparing your own chicken ham and salad wrap.

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

Giveaway for Kids: Chicken Ham and Salad Wrap

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Hospital, Accident & Emergency, Operating Theatre, Nursery and CT Scan Room

Paramedic, Surgeon, Baby Expert, Radiologist

Be a hero and save lives! Respond to emergencies, ensure all patients are treated in time and learn how to care for infants. Want to do something challenging yet rewarding? Be a Surgeon or help doctors and assist them in their cure for their patients.

Parents Welcome: As a Patient (For Accident & Emergency activity)

Giveaway for Kids: Hospital Staff ID (for all activities)

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Imaging Academy

Photography Student, Photojournalist

Always wonder what happens behind the scene in a studio? Join the professional photographers at the Imaging Academy to learn proper camera techniques and pick up tips on how to compose beautiful pictures.

Giveaways for Kids: Photograph (Photography Student), Certificate (Photojournalist)

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Insurance Office

Financial Services Consultant, Customer

Approach the citiZens and protect their future by matching their needs to the available insurance policies. Also, don’t forget to remind your customers to apply for insurance before they attempt the activities at the Climbing Building, and Mountaineering School.

Giveaways for Kids: Achievement Cards (Financial Services Consultant), Personal Accident Plan (Customer), Savings Plan (Customer)

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Job Information Centre

Candidate, Experienced Worker

Unsure of what job to take on? Take the Skills Set Analysis test here to find out which jobs are recommended for you and get more kidZos when you complete the list of recommended jobs! Once you have gained some experience, you can come back here and prepare your resume.

Giveaways for Kids: Resume (Candidate), Skill Set Analysis Test (Experienced Worker)

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Learn about a plant’s water cycle and pot your own plant!

Parents Welcome: As a Horticulturist

Giveaway for Kids: A pot of Plant

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Milk Innovation Lab

Food Scientist

It’s all about the science of food as you learn how to make formula milk. You will learn the importance of food safety and quality checks, and how Food Scientists are able to deliver nutritious and great tasting growing-up milk all the time.

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Mountaineering School


Be a brave mountaineer and take on the High Ropes Challenge Course. Overcome your fears and earn the admiration of the citizens by completing the various challenges high above the city streets.

Pre-requisite: Personal Accident Plan (Insurance Office)

Safety Requirements: Kids must be in proper attire, covered footwear and safety equipment (helmet and harness)

Minimum Arm Reach Requirements: Kids must be able to touch the 155cm reach indicator

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Music Studio

Music Student

Step into the world of music and discover the various types of instruments available from the strings, woodwind, brass and percussion family. You’ll be able to groove to the beat and perform a classic song at the end of this music class!

Newspaper Edition

Journalist, Newspaper Delivery Crew

Be an aspiring journalist and write about important events and news happening in the City! Or join the crew to deliver the newspapers fresh off the printer to the CitiZens of KidZania Singapore.

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Journalist: 7 years old

Parents Welcome: As a Newspaper Delivery Crew

Giveaway for Kids: A3 Newspaper with their Article (For Journalist activity)

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Peranakan Museum

Museum Curator

Learn about the work of a museum curator through taking care and displaying valuable artefacts from the unique Peranakan heritage. Put your creativity to test and curate your own masterpiece!

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Petrol Station

Assistant Petrol Station Manager

The city cars are depending on you to keep them running. Learn more about the different types of fuel and its applications, as you fill up the cars with fuel at the petrol station.

Minimum Age Requirement to be an Assistant Petrol Station Manager: 6 years old

Giveaway for Kids: A Notepad

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Assistant Pharmacist

Learn what goes on in a Pharmacy and help to run it by filling prescriptions and packing medicine.

Giveaway for Kids: Sticker

Pizza Shop

Pizza Chef

Create your own pizza, and have the freedom to arrange the delicious pizza ingredients on it. Learn more about the ingredients and the dough, and watch it all come together at the Pizza Shop.

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

Giveaway for Kids: Personal Pizza

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Police Station

Police Officer

Do you have the discipline and courage to protect the city? Ensure the safety of the citizens of KidZania Singapore as you patrol around the city with your fellow officers in blue, and keep a lookout for any signs of danger. Your call of duty might just be around the corner!

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Quality Safety Kiosk

Safety Officer

Learn how to conduct the 5-point safety check as you deliver or collect Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanks around the City.

Parents Welcome: As a Safety Officer

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Radio Station

Radio Presenter, Technical Assistant

Be introduced to all of the high-tech equipment used in a live radio broadcast programme and learn how it is used to produce a radio program! Run your very own radio segment as you deliver chart-topping hits.

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Radio Presenter or Technical Assistant: 7 years old

Giveaway for Kids: Their very own Radio Programme

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Science Laboratory

Junior Scientist

Bacteria are commonly frowned upon, but do you know that not all bacteria are bad? As a Junior Scientist, you will be responsible for the differentiation between the good and bad bacteria, and to use the good bacteria to benefit the health of others.

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Junior Scientist: 6 years old

Giveaways for Kids: Bottle of Yakult and Certificate of Completion

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Sleep Science Academy

Assistant Sleep Master

Learn the importance of having a good night’s sleep and find out how to choose the right bed and pillow to support and suit various sleeping postures.

Giveaway for Kids: Acrylic Bowling Pin Keychain

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Soup Kitchen

Assistant Soup Chef

Get in the kitchen and create a healthy bowl of soup! Be an Assistant Soup Chef and learn the steps and ingredients involved in whipping up a hot bowl of soulful soup, and discover its health benefits.

Limited Role-Play Sessions: Kids can participate only once per visit

Giveaways for Kids: A bowl of soup topped with pastry

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Assistant Sports Commentator, Football Player

Put on your sports gear and learn the basics of football at the Football Clinic, or take on a friendly Football Match with fellow athletes.

You can also be the voice of the games and cheer the teams on!

Giveaway for Kids: Wristband (For Football Clinic activity)

Safety Requirements: Kids must be in proper attire and covered shoes

Minimum Age Requirement to be an Assistant Sports Commentator: 7 years old

Parents Welcome: As a Spectator

PleeZ note that the usual role-play activities will not be available at the Stadium from 23 September to 31 December 2019.

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Come on in and enjoy exciting performances by aspiring actors!

Parents Welcome: As an Audience

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Top-Up Kiosks

Experience the benefits of cashless transactions in everyday life, and receive even more kidZos on every visit! Located all around the City, the NETS kiosks will allow kids to top up 10 extra kidZos into their Bank Account on every visit to KidZania Singapore!

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Traditional BBQ Meat Store

Traditional BBQ Meat Assistant

Have you ever wondered how traditional BBQ meat is prepared? Discover the rich history behind this taste of tradition which is enjoyed by many, and learn how the meat is still cooked the traditional way using charcoal.

Giveaway for Kids: A Pencil

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Training Agency

Training Consultant

Be a Training Consultant and match the training needs of other park visitors based on their interests or desired professions.

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Training Consultant: 7 years old

Giveaway for Kids: Badge

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Travel Agency

Assistant Travel Consultant, Assistant Travel Explorer

Learn how to plan a travel itinerary as an Assistant Travel Consultant, or take a guided walk around the City and admire the City’s monuments and landmarks as an Assistant Travel Explorer!

Minimum Age Requirement to be an Assistant Travel Consultant: 7 years old

Parents Welcome: As an Explorer

Giveaway for Kids: Notebook

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Invest in the power of knowledge and earn more kidZos at selected establishments with a degree from the City’s University! Learning never stops at KidZania Singapore.

Giveaway for Kids: Matriculation Card

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Urban Farm

Urban Farmer

Discover the modern technology behind sustainable farming while learning the benefits of indoor farming and homegrown produce.

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Water Quality Assurance Plant

Water Quality Assurance Specialist, Water Delivery Crew

As a Water Quality Assurance Specialist, you have the important task of testing the purity of the natural mineral water and ensuring that it is free of bacteria and contaminants. After which the crew will ensure smooth delivery of the water all over the City.

Parents Welcome: As a Water Delivery Crew

Giveaway for Kids: Certificate (For Water Quality Assurance Specialist activity)

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Window Washing

Window Washer, Window Washing Supervisor

Say goodbye to spots and smudges as you learn the proper ways to making your windows shine!

Minimum Age Requirement to be a Window Washing Supervisor: 7 years old

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For Kids below 3 years old:



Get creative and use different colours on a colouring sheet!

Parents Welcome: As a Student

Giveaway for Kids: Colouring Sheet

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RightZKeepers Residence

Best suited for kids aged below 4, the RightZKeepers Residence is stocked with toys and bouncy surfaces for kids in Singapore to have fun and discover their skills and abilities. Do look out for our variable programmes as well!

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