What Is KidZania?

Our Story

The history of KidZania begins like how all great stories start, with idealistic passion and an unwavering spirit stimulated by a communal desire to create something better.

From a kid’s perspective, things were just not going as well as they could be: Governments operated inefficiently, societies were becoming inequitable, valuable resources were routinely squandered and values were seemingly more and more negotiable.

A Spirit is Born

It was the collective thinking in the imagining of something better by kids all over the world that led to its creation.

Regardless of race, language, religion, or culture, the spirit of their idea transcended even geography. The kids’ vision was what a well-functioning, ideal world could be – a world full of opportunities where kids could assert themselves and be responsible.

RightZ are Defined

In the development of this new world, they recognised a need to document their beliefs and their wish for independence.

They began by establishing six fundamental rightZ:

  • To Be
  • To Know
  • To Create
  • To Share
  • To Care
  • To Play

A Declaration is Made

Kids wrote the Declaration of Independence as a proclamation of their independence from adults. They announced the existence of their new world’s existence. After some consideration, the kids agreed upon the name for their Nation: KidZania, also known as the ‘Land of Cool Kids’.

A Nation is Formed

The first KidZania was established in Santa Fe, Mexico City. On the opening day, thousands of kids came. They quickly embraced the city as their own and became passionate about its activities. Their participation provided useful feedback to the city planners striving to meet the needs of the city’s ever-growing population.

RightZ are Kept

The creation of Urbano, Beebop, Chika, Vita and Bache, the RightZKeepers, was the direct result of this desire to guarantee that KidZania’s belief system would always be represented and also to ensure the RightZ would be remembered forever.